Gentle Japanese healing art for stress relief, relaxation, and possibly, epiphanies.

The doodles, the drawings, the digital paintings - everything in the FLOW.

Some photos and thoughts from my trip to Asia (that started from somewhere completely different!) 2019-2020. In other words, Treeleaf Diary

This site was born out of wanting to share. What I've learned, found out, experienced, but also created. What is the point of leaving poems in a drawer (don't actually have any of those) or gathering drawings into an album, never to be seen? Perhaps there are those that I can share thoughts with. Or those to whom I can introduce something new and different, or simply open eyes about things that have wanted to remain unnoticed, unseen. Until now. I may also be able to help you with solving or understanding a personal problem on a deeper level - reiki can give you answers you've been looking for, or shed light on things you may even not be aware of, but that still affect your wellbeing and behaviour unconsciously..

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