Of art, healing, energies, spirituality, and Eastern world perceptions

This site has come to life mainly for the purpose of sharing - what I've learned, found out and experienced, and some things I've done for fun.

There are three passions of mine that I mainly wish to share here: traveling and world exploration; healing arts and understandings I've come to; and some art projects and drawings I've done for sheer delight and amateur practice - and because I wanted to! (Or had to for some practical reason.) If a hand grabs for a pencil in a moment of boredom, when it comes to health we start taking action and making changes when we realize it's not possible to continue the old way. However, there is nothing that can bring me more joy and sense of wonderment than walking a new and exciting path, even when exhausted, breathing in the surrounding beauty and magnificence, be it masterclass architecture or the wonderful nature of our planet.

Travel Journal

On the journey to rediscovering oneself, other exciting paths must be followed, too.

Here is the account of some of my discoveries and musings from my year-long Asia trip (2019 - 2020) in Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

A little bit also of the United States and perhaps even other places in the future.


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Practices with a pencil and other art tools

I love to draw - the play of colour, or forgetting myself, pencil in hand, to work on something until early hours of morning. Creativity sets the soul on fire and it doesn't matter whether it's pencil and paper, fabric, charcoal, or even the digital world. It's always exciting to try something new, to combine different techniques and pieces.

Or simply taking art as therapy - it is said any creative activity can be a meditation on its own that helps bring us out of the mundane and connect to something greater.

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Path to healing


... as the magical, warm healing force of the Universe was introduced to me personally in 2019. The gentle energetic touch that takes us on a healing journey full of different sensations, during which we can experience the flow of energy, feel warmth or goosebumps, see lights of different colour with our eyes closed; all through which our body cells receive new directions on how to keep us healthy. Reiki, as other healing arts, is not getting healed by the healer but instead someone speaking the language of our body when we ourselves have forgotten how.


Card of the Evening (coming)

During the past few years, more than a few tarot and oracle card decks have found their way onto my shelves, just waiting most of the time. So I thought, why not pull a card each day (or when I remember) to practice intuitive interpretation and channeling. Anyone can read a guide book and remember (or Google) the literal meanings of the cards but isn't it so much more exciting to receive individual messages that someone might need right here and now?

Timeless, warm collective messages, inspired by the candle light in the evening.

Who or what is Nommo?

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