Our bodies are created with the innate ability of healing themselves, and the best way it can happen is when we are relaxed. Most times, it is the various types of tension (stress, forced positions, sedentary lifestyle, overexertion, etc) that strain our bodies and cause them to finally give in to diseases. Aside from purely energetic reiki, it is possible to get more physical - a touch with a firm pressure or something more gentle and energetic, almost stroking - or perhaps something in-between. At the moment I offer the opportunity to have your aching muscles massaged in the style of Thai or Old-Estonian traditions. Both massages are done on a mat on the floor, in light (preferably natural or cotton) clothing that allows movement and stretching. Reiki can also be used parallelly in the session to add another layer of relaxation and perhaps even healing on all levels.

Thai massage

Thai massage is a perfect bending and stretching session, being also energetic in nature. It has even been called "lazy man's yoga" - your body gets all the work without you having to really move a muscle yourself - the masseuse is doing it all for you!

Long workouts and hard physical work are not the only causes for pain in your muscles. Namely, sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise or movement can cause energy blockages in the body and these can be physically felt. Massage is one of the best ways to make everything move in the body again. When some forms of healing only come through physical pain and strong applied pressure, then Thai massage can be done on a more energetic level also - Thai energy lines (known as sen) run all along our bodies similar to the meridians known from Chinese medicine, and working with them can be the solution to many issues on a physical, emotional, and mental level.

Old-Estonian massage

Old-Estonian massage originates from the techniques of our ancestors and traditional culture, based on the need to relax and heal strained muscles after a hard day's work on the farm fields. Although the massage can be very relaxing, it was not meant to be what we normally consider to be a "spa" treatment type of massage - it is faster and more intense than the slower flow of Thai. Its purpose is to relieve tension and pain from your muscles that we have, in some cases, carried for years - so we can keep our backs straight and head held up high.

Emotional trauma and massage

A lot of our body's movements and behaviour comes from (mostly childhood) trauma. It is not required necessarily to know which kind of trauma we carry and what were the causes of it; it is more to make you aware of the possibility that a massage session may cause a release of energy blockages which may in turn cause an emotional reaction - the unaddressed and unprocessed trauma is stored in our muscle structure all over our bodies. Most of us probably have some muscles that do not get worked on even in case of regular training work-outs, which is the usual way for us to release tension. Massage techniques are more thorough, so it may happen that when the tension in those forgotten muscles finally gets released, it can bring forth different sensations and even tears that seem to come from nowhere. All of it is completely normal and is an integral part of our healing process, which can even open doors for us that have remained closed until now.

The duration of a session is 1,5 - 2 hours.

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