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What is reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing system that can be used to heal yourself or other people (but also animals and plants) by laying on hands. Reiki energy itself is nothing new or "invented", it is the universe's own freely accessible healing force - lifeforce, energy of love, that flows endlessly from source.

REI - translates as "universal force", "valid everywhere"

KI - the "energy" itself; known as prana in India and chi in China

No religion or philosophy is tied to reiki - it's a lifeforce in its purest form. By now there are dozens of reiki techniques, mostly combined with other practices, but its original form (which is also the basis for the widespread "Western form") comes from Japan. Dr Mikao Usui, however, was not the creator of the reiki techniques but rather a re-discoverer - the answers he had been searching for a long time, finally came to him, after him having spent days in meditation in the Buddhist Kurama-dera temple grounds in Kyoto.

Kurama-dera temple near Kyoto, Japan. Precisely on these grounds of a Buddhist temple, built on Kurama mountain, did the forgotten wisdom of reiki find its way back into human hands. The triangle in the middle of the temple square marks a powerful energy pillar - I saw visitors of the temple taking turns standing on the triangle, to feel the energetic force emanating from the location.

Anyone can learn to work with reiki. Using the healing energies of the universe is our birthright, and you don't need to have a PhD to be able to channel it. Being open to energies in general is, of course, beneficial - true skeptics can take much more time to learn how to feel the energies, as any kind of doubt can create blockages. Reiki requires openness and flow, also the ability to let your intuition guide you. Japanese reiki version (Usui Shiki Rhyoho) is precisely that - intuitive - and it takes years, if not a lifetime, to master it.

Power spot in the middle of the temple square. A powerful surge of energy can be felt standing on that triangle. (Kurama-dera, Kyoto, August, 2019)

Reiki healing can be done on the spot, or as a distant (remote) session. In both cases, it can be described as a gentle energetic massage through which your whole body is "scanned" and problematic places found. More about the distant sessions and what you should know to prepare for one, can be read here. Regardless of the type of a reiki session, make sure to drink enough water.

I have completed Reiki level I - III courses. If you wish to try reiki, please contact me here!

With a fresh level I certificate. Arati Healing Center, Thailand, Ko Pha-ngan, 2019

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