(Brandon Sanderson)

I simply love the works (and the brain) of fantasy author Brandon Sanderson. The worldbuilding, the magic systems, societal structure, religion, spirituality, philosophical discussions, and looking for the right thing to do. Different planets, different realms - but somehow all connected in a Cosmere-verse that is not limited to what we know as "real."

I first started drawing Cosmere in Kuala Lumpur, into my A5 drawing pad I had carried with me from home. Mainly because it was too hot for me to be able to do anything of use outside before evening, due to daily sauna-like climate. Talking about making use of being "stranded" :)

These drawings/paintings are made with oil pastels and pencil. A5/A3, 2019.

The quotes I've added here are not the most notable among fans, but rather the ones that have stood out for me.

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