Portraits are my absolute favourite thing to draw or paint. Attempts to accurately catch the expression on the face is enough of a challenge for me that I don't see as tedious as finetuning the details on an intricate cityscape, for example. Perhaps one day I'll take that on, too.

Digital drawing practices with myself. (2022)
Self-portrait (selfie?) with borrowed feathers. Pencil, A3, 2019

A gift for my mum (in stages of completion). My grandmother Meeri Eleonore. Pencil, A3, 2019

When you find some charcoal...

A day after I happily arrived home, having bought 6 coloured charcoal pencils, I decided to clean the fireplace of soot. Lo and behold - from the pile of soot I also dug out some nice pieces of charcoal which I then stared for a while. Then put the idea into practice.

Dan Vasc, by the way, is a heavy metal/metal singer from Brazil who built his success from scratch off of YouTube, and still chooses to work free of any record label contract. His energy, determination, and soul power is just pure inspiration! In addition to his unbelievable vocal range and capability, he also seems to have a thousand faces, some of which I'm trying to capture on paper. Dan, I feel, is not merely singing but becoming the song itself.

Playing with charcoal. Dan Vasc (@YouTube). Charcoal and white "Charcoal" pencil (highlights), 2022

When a humble bard…
The Silver-tongued devil and his thousand-yard stare. (Dan Vasc @YouTube). Digi (2022)
Nish. Muse




I keep forgetting that it was this incredible human being / artist called Michael Jackson that inspired me to pick up the pencils again in 2018. This time not to draw mandalas but, specifically, portraits. Thank you, Michael!

Pencil / coloured pencil / ink pen, A3, 2018 - 2019

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