Some projects I've dabbled in - mostly for gifting purposes.

First attempts with bleach and textile marker

I had read somewhere that it is possible to paint on (coloured) fabrics with a brush, using bleach - the idea being not adding colour, however, but removing it.

My first attempt ended with a slightly messed up tiger.

I had planned to make this t-shirt as another present for my nephew. But it didn't come out exactly as I was hoping it would. So, the only thing to do is to grab scissors, cut off the ruined parts and turn it into something I can wear! (Luckily, I usually shop in second hand shops so there was no sadness over an "expensive messed up shirt" (although, this one was new with tags). It has to be washed anyway, to get the bleach out and the marker ingrained.

Second attempt with bleach

I tried the tiger again, now with more care. The final result? My sister didn't at first believe it was made by hand, so I guess it turned out better!

Progress - from cub to adult

Textile marker

Helesinise kangapliiatsiga jooned ette ja tekstiilimarkeriga ├╝le. Siis 5 minutit triikida ja pessu!


Natural fabric dyes + sashiko

Fabric dyeing with turmeric (yellow) and avocado pits (pink)
Stitching the dyed fabric sashiko-style (pillow cases for gifting)
Finished pillowcases

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